hold on 40 minutes while I bing that

On 21:35 eastern standard time, I attempted to execute a search with bing, but I could not. Why? The host www.bing.com could not resolve. For every minute after that until 22:15 I saw the same error as seen in this post. Many other folks I know online could not reach bing either for this time. It returned to service without any explanation. The issue was present on many different operating systems and web browsers.

This yet another reason why Microsoft can not compete in the software-as-a-service market. Will we bing on June 30, 2011? I bet not.

during outage

during outage

After the outage like nothing happened

After the outage like nothing happened


Update: BBC reported that the outage was only 30 minutes due to a configuration change gone bad.

Update2: There was a story on the bing blog the morning afterward concerning the outage. Thank you Microsoft for approving my comment.

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5 Responses to hold on 40 minutes while I bing that

  1. Dave says:

    Seriously, get a life. I don’t even like Bing.com, but really?

  2. Rob says:

    Your an idiot, plain and simple. It’s not like every other site on the Internet (including Google) hasn’t had downtime either. Grow up and stop being such a friggin’ cry baby.

  3. mhs says:

    Here’s a documented case of Microsoft’s big new product going down for a non-trivial amount of time. You look at their track record, and its hard to point to anything where Microsoft has been able to show 99.999% reliability. Windows? Danger? Bing? Hotmail?

    You can point to Amazon S3 going down, or Google Mail being out of commission for an hour or two… But I’d be surprised if Amazon’s core site and Google’s Search didn’t have five or six 9’s.

    It speaks to something either in the culture or management or software itself of Microsoft.

  4. Gunnar says:

    Bing is horrendous… if you’re doing a bit more exotic search (as in niched stuff, not porn :P) search results sucks, in lack of a better word.

    That’s why I use Google, it gives me the results I want (and being a stupid lot, the masses usually are right – Google over 71% and Bing! less than 9% market share).

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