Moving on as a community

This blog took a slight detour from its purpose: studying Microsoft’s market share status until June 30, 2011. After this post, I promise we will get back to our regular content. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Trigger warning: some linked pages contain hate speech and threats of violence against women.

Today is a historic day for the non-proprietary software communities. A troll, who had undermined contributors with terrorware has now been given his just desserts with the help of my dear friends from I want to thank Eric S. Raymond for seeing the cleverness of the solution. We could have been a down and dirty flame war which would have brought productivity to a halt for non-proprietary software contributors. Instead, we preserved safety and the integrity of institutions we hold dear: freedom of speech, and gplv2.

There are many others who helped in this effort who will have my eternal gratitude. Thank you very much, Beth Lynn Eicher.

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